Elevate Performance

Tools, strategies, and services to help individuals and organizations enhance professional skills, solve real-world problems, and achieve sustainable results.

Elevate Performance

What is Southwestern Empowerment?

Southwestern Empowerment transforms and inspires today’s business leaders and employees to create a positive impact in their organizations and society at large.

Are you achieving your goals in life?
Are you challenged by hard decisions, overwhelmed by choices, or unsure if you’re on the right path? You don’t have to feel stressed, exhausted, or confused. There are easy decisions you can make and simple actions you can take today that will dramatically improve your tomorrow.

With Southwestern Empowerment, you can break down the barriers holding you back from reaching your full potential, take your business to the next level, and start living your best life.


Executive Coaching

We provide one-on-one services for executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. We drive results with personalized business and life coaching to enhance communication skills and optimize performance.

Executive Coaching


Southwestern Empowerment founder and president, Katy Kvalvik, ignites passion through exciting keynotes focused on what your organization needs.


Virtual Training

We offer interactive and immersive training designed to empower individuals and groups with strategies to overcome confusion, build resilience skills, and create powerful action plans to navigate life’s toughest challenges.


Meet Katy Kvalvik

Learn more about Southwestern Empowerment's Founder and President, Katy Kvalvik, and the journey that inspired her mission to help leaders achieve ultimate success.

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“I believe investing in yourself is one of the most beneficial things you can do in your lifetime. Being a student for life—deepening your knowledge and experiences—allows for self-reflection, integration, and evolution. It also empowers you to discover your deeper truth and to align to it in order to create more clarity and congruence in your life.”

- Katy Kvalvik


“Tools, techniques, and strategies for both personal and professional success.”

—Daniel Hepher
CFO, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

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